Upgrade Site Listing on Mojoo

Websites in the Mojoo human-edited directory can have four different levels of listing: Free, Standard, Gold and Platinum.

Free Listings:
As the name indicates, there is no fee associated with this level. Websites in this level are displayed at the bottom of category and are usually only added to the database if they are non-commerical and have placed a return link to on their website. Websites suggested for the Mojoo human-edited directory in this level take approximately 6-8 weeks before being reviewed for addition to Due to their commercial nature and/or high demand, some categories in the directory do not accept free listings.

Standard Listings:
These listings appear above free listings in the same category, but below gold listings. This type of listing usually takes 1-3 weeks to be reviewed by an editor for addition to Standard listings that are not approved for entry into the Mojoo human-edited directory will receive a full refund. At the present time, the cost of upgrading a website to a standard listing on is US$7.99. Upgrade your site to a standard listing.

Gold Listings:
Websites in this level are displayed above the free and standard listings, and have the website name displayed in bold text. Gold listings jump the approval queue for being added to the directory, and are usually indexed within 1-7 days. Gold listings that are not approved for indexing will receive a full refund. The current cost of upgrading a website to a gold listing is US$29.99. Upgrade your site to a gold listing.

Platinum Listings:
These listings are the highest level in the Mojoo directory, and are limited to one website per category. Each platinum listing will be the first website displayed in the category, which will be highlighted with a pale blue background enclosed in a single pixel wide black rectangle. The cost of a platinum listing depends of the demand for listings in the appropriate category. Please use the contact editor form if you would like to know more about upgrading your website to a platinum listing.

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