Terms and Conditions of Website Suggestion

By using the website suggestion form on the website, you are agreeing to comply to the following terms and conditions:

Suggestion Edition: may choose to edit the title and description of any website suggestion in any way deemed appropriate by the Mojoo editorial team. also retains editorial control over which category suggested websites are placed within, and may create additional categories to better suit any suggested websites.

Should you choose to supply it with your suggestion, retains your e-mail address in our database, and may e-mail you to confirm your submission, acceptance of your suggested website, denial of your suggested website, or for any other relevant information regarding your submission. Your e-mail address will not be published, sold or otherwise distributed to any third parties. Your I.P. address, browser type, referring website and similar information may be retained by to prevent abuse; this information will also not be published, sold or otherwise distributed to any third parties. may publish any other personally identifiable information you include in your suggested website title or description, however in most cases we will edit out any such information from your submission.

Longevity and Availability:
Although we have every intention of maintaining the Mojoo human-edited website indefinitely, we make no guarantee regarding the longevity of the existence of the website in it's current format. Also, no guarantee is made regarding the uptime of the website, it's accessibility from various internet service providers and countries, and the functionality of all areas of

Age Restriction: does not allow minors to use the website suggestion form without parental consent. Any minor is required to obtain parental consent before suggesting a website for the Mojoo human-edited website directory.

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